Planning permission

25 Sep 19

Fenn Wright have been acting on behalf of water and leisure clients for many years, offering our expert advice on planning gain. We are uniquely positioned to act as agents in preparing and submitting planning applications; as well as advising on the impact of obtaining planning permission in terms of valuation and marketing.  Pre-application advice or full planning consent can be sought prior to, or in conjunction with, active marketing.

Before a sale, we advise vendors of potential planning issues that may arise during the course of marketing, this can often mean looking at retrospective planning action.  Addressing this in advance of a sale helps to maximise value, minimise the risk of an abortive sale and helps to ensure a smooth conveyancing process once a buyer is found.

Over the past 12 months we have had a 100% successful track record when obtaining planning permission for both permanent and temporary dwellings with occupancy conditions.  This is a specialist planning area and we offer an incentive based fee structure to our clients who instruct us to apply for planning permission for dwellings.  We have also acted on behalf of clients submitting applications for different types of holiday accommodation, additional facilities, buildings, excavation and enlargement of lakes, stock ponds and hatcheries.

No matter how big or small, please get in touch if you would like to explore your property’s planning potential.