Water & Leisure Property FAQs

Please note that this page offers general advice relating to regularly asked questions. Each circumstance is individual and you must therefore ensure that you obtain legal and professional advice.

With regard to planning, district authorities can also vary. Other considerations relating to property include conservation areas, AONB's (areas of outstanding natural beauty), SSSI (Sites of special scientific interest), TPO (Tree preservation orders), Listed buildings, Restrictive covenants, and special conditions and development covenants.

The list above is just a selection of the issues to be considered.

Buying a Fishery

What does SSTC mean?
What is a guide price?
How do you value fisheries?

Selling a Fishery

How do I sell a fishery?
What preparation do I need to do?


How much can I borrow against a fishery?
How do I raise the finance for a fishery?
Can you send me the accounts of a business?

Building a Fishery

Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy some land and dig a lake?
What about lakes built without planning permission?


Can I build a house on a fishery property?
Do I need planning permission for a caravan?
What is an Agricultural Occupancy Condition?
What is a Section 106 Agreement?