Fisheries management

One of the benefits of visiting over 100 fisheries a year is that we are able to give guidance on fishery visits to owners and on a number of issues relating to fisheries.

Fishery design

Like any other business there are good, poor and average fisheries. In many cases improvements can be carried out at modest cost. Commercial fisheries in particular are always looking to improve the facilities for their customers.


The quality of landscaping varies enormously from fishery to fishery and county to county. The landscaping of a fishery can have a considerable effect on its amenity and its capital value. The type of plant species, positioning and management can all contribute to how a fishery looks. Some fisheries adopt a manicured “golf course” effect whereas others, more commonly, adopt a conservation approach with minimal grass cutting and a more natural look.

Fish disease

The presence of Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) and Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC) are two of the most common fish diseases found in predominately coarse fisheries throughout the country. Many fisheries are turning to breeding their own stock to try and avoid importing disease, as well as taking other measures. We are able to keep up with the latest management techniques and ideas for minimising the risk of disease which can be fatal to any fishery.

Expert reports

Preparing expert reports for a large fishery – reference planning enquiries.

Business strategy

Reviewing the open market rent of a commercial day ticket fishery, and advising on long term strategy to maximise capital value.