Water Asset Review and Consultancy

Dawnay Estate, North Yorkshire


The Estate had the benefit of a mixed coarse and trout fishery and a larger area of water created from the extraction of minerals. Fenn Wright were instructed to carry out an appraisal of the existing businesses and identify potential income streams from the restored gravel pit.


We met with the Estate Director and the respective fishery and water sports managers to gather both background and financial information relating to the existing businesses.

A draft strategic report was prepared for the clients reviewing the existing businesses and potential opportunities. This enabled the client to commission further operational reports which lead to the development of an in-land water-based visitor enterprise near Scarborough – the North Yorkshire Water Park.


The Estate was already running a successful coarse and trout fishery, but the new business commenced in 2017 and attracted 7,500 visitors over a ten week period. In 2018 the season was extended to cover a 20 week period and attracted over 12,000 visitors. The attraction comprises an Aquapark (inflatable activity centre), SUPS, kayaking, canoeing, open water swimming and sailing. A planning consent is about to be submitted for two wakeboard tow lines as well as a 70 seater cafeteria.

Fenn Wright’s report gave the owners the confidence to realise the opportunities for a commercially water-based tourist attraction, having previously not appreciated the wide variety of activities available apart from sailing and windsurfing. Robert Sword says “thank goodness I contacted Martin Freeman as his advice unlocked the potential of this 85 acre lake”.  Robert Sword FRICS FAAV, Dawnay Estates